Can you imagine a 7 minutes long song where the arrangement keeps changing every 10 seconds or so, which has 4 different tempo sections with totally different moods, and keeping it all in one project without freezing too many tracks before the artist has approved the arrangement? (260 tracks in total.)

That's exactly what young and brave Kelly Margareth R Lee put me up to in the last month with her monster-mash-up: BossLadies... Where U At.

We both learned in the process as at least I have never done anything like this before.

There are many mash-ups out there on YT. I hope this one will be unique for you.

The song is about female power, so this will be my first feminist initiative in 2018!

25 April 2016 - Winner of ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2016 in the INDIE MUSIC CHANNEL Awards!

I'm not an awards-kinda-guy, but it is nice when your work is recognized.

Back in September 2012 I visited Sweden and spent some time with my good friend Maluni who introduced me to a Swedish singer she thought I should meet, Viktoria Tocca.

She had plans for an upcoming album and I apparently had the skills she was looking for to be able to make this album. In January 2013 I started mixing the first song and after a trial-album and 3 brand new songs we finally had a finished album by summer 2015.

In the end I acted as Album producer, co-arranger, mixing engineer and mastering engineer. Thanks to Andy Lam the final CDs got printed on a special audiophile CD format from Japan and the CD was released at the HiFi Convention in Hong Kong in Aug 2015, which Viktoria attended.

Viktoria submitted the album to the Indie Music Channel Awards and tonight we found out that our album won ALBUM OF THE YEAR!

It is the one and only album I have acted as both Album Producer and arranger and mixing engineer.Type your paragraph here.

I am really glad everyone's efforts paid off!