I don't just put people in front of the mic.


Through High School and College, when I wasn't at a local club DJing or home composing or out shooting videos, I was most likely found rehearsing or performing at a local theater or show. As far as how they came out, you have to find someone who was in the audience and ask them! I believe having passion and compassion for your field and the people in it must be one of the most important factors, of which I'm a proud possessor.        


The love for music and its various applications started early!

About Me

Schtung Music

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

In 2010 I had the opportunity to design the acoustics for the Schtung Music studio in Causeway Bay.



Music and audio have been my passions for as long as I can remember. At the age of 9 I built my first functional oscillator. My entire working career, now spanning 25 years, has been with audio and music in almost every capacity within these fields. I pride myself of what I do and being able to deliver the upper limits of quality is something every customer will experience.

Studio Technical

Studio Acoustic Designs

"In the world of music production, one usually meets people of two extremes - either very technically oriented, or, very artistic. Rarely would one meet a person who is well versed in both areas. Ulf is one of those rare breeds. We can communicate on all these levels in our production work. Working with him is a very pleasant, musical and yet productive experience." 

Schumann Lee 舒文 - Zoo Music Ltd.     

One has to have passion and love for the field one is working in. Most important!


Throughout the summer of 1983 I got up at 3 am to beat all the other youngsters  to that day's yield of field cucumbers. You picked until there were none left. After two months I made enough money to purchase my first synthesizer - the Yamaha DX7 - which was the newest and hottest out there. Later that year, the most macabre electronic music could be heard coming from my room.

After almost 20 years in Los Angeles, I got to work with or for some of the best people in the industry. This include Bruce Swedien and Al Schmitt for music recording and mixing, Ed Greene for broadcast mixing, Patrick Baltzell for FOH mixing, Gary Bourgeois and Tim Boyle for film mixing and Paul S. Veneklasen for acoustic design. Thousands of projects later I now use all that experience distilled into my job and home studio in the quiet country park of Sai Kung, Hong Kong.        

Monitors:          Pelonis 4288 MK II

Headphones:     SONY MDR-7506, SONY MDR-7509, Focal Spirit Classic

DAW:                Pro Tools 10 Native, Pro Tools 12.7, Adobe Audition CC6, HOFA DDP Maker 

Effects:             Eventide Eclipse

Recorder:          Sony PCM-D50 (24/96)

Processing:        Waves Mercury, iZotope RX5, Melodyne Studio, AutoTune 8, Softtube, Plugin Alliance, Sonnox, MAAG EQ, HOFA,                                Sonoris, Blue Cat Audio, Sonalksis, SynchroArts Revoice Pro, All iZotope, Klanghelm, Lexicon, NuGen, PSP                                          Audioware, All Steven Slate, All SoundToys, SSL, U-he,  Shadow Hills and a host of individual plug-ins.

Utilities:            FXpansion VST-RTAS wrapper (enables VST plug-ins in Pro Tools), Blue Cat Audio PatchWork (enables Pro Tools                                  to use RTAS or VST only plug-ins as Audio Suite plug-ins.) DDMF MetaPlugin (enables VST and 32 bit plugins to be                              used in Pro Tools 12)

Keyboards:        Roland GAIA SH-01, M-Audio Keystation 88

Software:          Spectrasonics Keyscape, U-he DIVA, Massive, Sylenth 2, Nexus 2, Various from Arturia, Omnisphere 2, Stylus RMX,                             Trillian, Superior Drummer, Camel Audio Alchemy, Kontakt 5, Absynth 5, RA, Colossus, Propellerhead Reason, UVI                             Workstation and much more.

Libraries:          LA Scoring Strings, Cinematic Strings, Chris Hein Horns 1-4, CineBrass, Various 8DIO, Various Spitfire Audio,                                   Various Zero-G and much more.

Sound FX:         Sound Ideas 1000 - 13000 and most individual SI libraries, Hollywood Edge, BBC, Blastwave FX, Bluezone,                                           Valentino and thousands of sounds recorded and cataloged by myself using Basehead 4.

Personal Note


Minor detail but I should probably mention that my name is Ulf Olofsson, born and raised in Sweden but lived and worked in the US for 20 years. Since 2010 I live together with my lovely wife in the outskirts of Hong Kong, from where I also do all my productions.


Khalil Fong (方大同)

Light Room Studio, Hong Kong

In 2012 I designed Hong Kong pop star Khalil's new studio complex which included a large recording studio, mix room and isolated vocal booth.

"I found Ulf very professional in his approach to mixing and producing a soundtrack. He has a good sense for how it goes together. I was most impressed with his ability to produce under very time pressing circumstances and get a soundtrack edited and mixed in a very short amount of time. I also observed him taking great care with detail on a project that required very advanced sound restoration and manual syncing (originals were from the 50's.)  He is very recommended for the work as a music mixer, final mixer (stereo or 5.1) or sound restoration." 

Tim Boyle – Music Scoring Mixer     

Entertaining elders at the age of 18.

"I have known Ulf for over 15 years and worked with him in the studio on a daily basis for 4 of those years. Ulf is a very competent, extremely talented mixer who works well under pressure and when a deadline needs to be met. He has also proven that he can mix live sound, handling high pressure "podium gigs" and corporate style events with full A/V at ease. " 

Mick Sturgeon - General Manager at Brown Note Productions   

Moscow Дом союзов 1997