"In the Arms of an Angel" by Gin Lee
Live mix of concert performed by Malaysian artist Gin Lee in Hong Kong. HD Audio.

BossLadies... Where U At? - Monster Mash-Up

Live mix by Jackie Greene
24/44.1 Mix and mastering of Jackie's live performance in NYC early 2014. Genre: Americana. HD Audio.

Hearing is Believing

TVC - Fashion/Style

Composition for film soundtrack
Sample of a few minutes out of a 20 minutes long film score.

TVC - Fitness/Health

"Moonlight" by Viktoria Tocca
Arranged, mixed and mastered for audiophile production "Dream It" - an album I produced in full. HD Audio.

TVC with Donnie Yen

Commercial with Hip Hop

Commercial with EDM


The Master Stops Here!

            Audiophile Mixing and Mastering

​          Original Music Composition

Ode To Singapore
HD Mix and mastering of a Pink Floydesque instrumental. HD audio.

Ah Lam 3-hour concert CD

In 2013 mixed the live concert of Hong Kong legend George Lam.

"Brave" by Karen Kong
24/48 mix and mastering of Cantopop song. HD Audio.

And some heavy metal
Mixed and mastered a song for my Swedish friend in Skull Parade.

TVC - car commercial

TVC for Mercedes Benz

Bianca Wu & Sylvain Gagnon
Mix and mastering sample in HD for audiophile album featuring the classic song "Dancing Queen". HD Audio.


  • Audiophile & hi-fi mixing / mastering
  • Music Mixing
  • Music composition / arrangement
  • Music Mastering
  • Film & TV sound design
  • Film re-recording / mixing / 5.1
  • TV / Promo sound design / mixing 
  • Sound restoration / clean-up
  • Live mixing (FOH) concerts / corporate
  • Acoustic and Studio design


Audiophile Jazz Mix & Mastering
Recorded, mixed and mastered in 24/96 in 2014. HD audio playback.